AI Assembler

Faster, easier machine learning models for busy business professionals

We are a global business, with the most comprehensive content coverage and chose Lexalytics because of its very broad language coverage and ability to apply sentiment for both our news and social media content.

Chasity A. Johnson
Director, Product Management, LexisNexis
  • Intuitive machine learning toolkit
  • Build targeted solutions to specific natural language problems
  • Deploy into stress-tested infrastructure
  • Ask and answer unique questions


machine learning models built

up to 10x

faster model building (possibly more)


full support and services from our team

A custom solution for your data

The data you rely on is unique to your company. And you have unique questions you’d like to answer. Enter AI Assembler, a toolkit for building targeted machine learning solutions to unique natural language problems.

Accelerate and automate

The Assembler platform helps you accelerate and automate the process of data management, analysis and prediction by orders of magnitude. AI Assembler saves time and reduces costs by streamlining tasks like hyper-parameter optimization, data set maintenance, and more.

Start small, low-risk

Don’t spend huge sums on a tool that fails to deliver. AI Assembler lets you start small with a low-risk system that answers a few, small questions. Verify your results, confirm your ROI, and then expand its capabilities.

Deploy right away

The machine learning models you build with AI Assembler are easily deployed right into Lexalytics’ on-premise or cloud-based natural language processing solutions. In addition, every Assembler engagement comes with the full support of our expert ML Builders team.