We process billions of unstructured documents every day, globally.

We are the industry leader in translating text into profitable decisions; we make state-of-the-art cloud and on-prem natural language processing and machine learning technologies that transform text data into actionable insights.

The Lexalytics Intelligence Platform's on-premise Salience® and SaaS Semantria® solutions are implemented in a variety of industries for social media monitoring, people analytics and voice of employee, reputation management and voice of the customer, and regulatory compliance programs.

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Over the years...

2003 Lexalytics founded by Jeff Catlin and Mike Marshall
2004 Lexalytics ships world’s first commercial sentiment analysis engine
2005 Lexalytics ships themes - automatic discovery of buzz
2008 Lexalytics ships machine learning based named entity extraction
2010 Lexalytics ships world's first Twitter/microblog specific text analytics
2010 First non-English language: French
2011 Concept Matrix™: world's first semantic understanding based on Wikipedia(tm)
2012 Semantria, the Lexalytics-based cloud API launches
2013 Chinese language support released, expanding coverage to 6 languages
2014 Lexalytics buys all Semantria stakes and makes the cloud an inherent part of it's offering
2014 Salience version 6 released, world's first unsupervised machine learning model for syntax analysis
2015 Nordic languages, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, and Polish released; 22 languages so far
2015 Airlines, Hospitality/Restaurant Industry Packs released
2016 Pharmaceutical Industry Pack released
2016 Semantria Text Analytics Platform available on Microsoft Azure
2017 Magic Machines AI Lab opens to drive innovation in building and managing AI
2017 Human Resources and eCommerce Industry Packs released
2017 Assembler machine learning models builder released
2018 Support for Unicode Emoji 11.0
2018 Lexalytics is first company to cleanly support private, public, and hybrid cloud text analytics infrastructures

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