Tagging, Taxonomies, Categorization with Salience

The world is your oyster... And if your world is data, Salience is your pearl. One of the things that makes this engine so great is its ability to categorize content automatically. It can tag high volumes of unstructured text, making it super easy to filter and sort through these documents. Here's a simple "how to" in 3 steps.

What are we thankful for?

Well, now that the folks in the US have had a chance to digest their turkey, it's time to find out what we were thankful for this year.

User Group 2013: Text Analytics meets Predictive Analysis with Brandon Kane

Predictive analytics have been around since the 80’s… The 80’s?! That’s right, Angoss is a Toronto-based company that has been offering predictive analytics solutions for over 30 years. It’s hard to believe that companies like this even existed before the internet, but they did.

Partnership with Ikanow

Ikanow is an open source, big data organization that has developed, from the ground up, an open source platform that allows you to ingest various data types; enrich and perform complex analytics on these data types; and easily gain information and insights from this data. 

Clients come to Ikanow when:

How Technology Solution Providers Win by Integrating Sentiment Analysis

Gleanster created a great Deep Dive report, which explains why a fast growing number of technology solution providers are offering sentiment analysis services as part of their enterprise software packages. This is especially important for customer experience management and voice of customer solutions.

Sentiment and Litotes: How Salience Deals with Double Negatives

The double negative is not an uncommon rhetorical device. (See what I did there?) Using two negatives to indicate a positive is a figure of speech that goes back so far that it can be found in Old English, Ancient Greek, and the Norse Sagas.

The Markies!

It was a tense night; marketing gods and goddesses striding around in respendent armor, each waiting with furrowed brow to see if their system, processes or thinkers had bested the others in the friendly competion known as... The Markies.

Set at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco, where only one victor would walk off the stage with head held high.  

Lexalytics is sponsoring a hackathon that attempts to explain the global financial crisis

On the 13-15th of September, a group of Hackathon participants will come together for 48 hours at the FuseBox in Brighton (UK) to try to explain the global financial crisis and the recession that it caused. Lexalytics will be sponsoring the event, and to be honest, we're pretty excited about what kind of cool new tech the participants will come up with.

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