The Markies!

It was a tense night; marketing gods and goddesses striding around in respendent armor, each waiting with furrowed brow to see if their system, processes or thinkers had bested the others in the friendly competion known as... The Markies.

Set at the Masonic Auditorium in San Francisco, where only one victor would walk off the stage with head held high.  

Lexalytics is sponsoring a hackathon that attempts to explain the global financial crisis

On the 13-15th of September, a group of Hackathon participants will come together for 48 hours at the FuseBox in Brighton (UK) to try to explain the global financial crisis and the recession that it caused. Lexalytics will be sponsoring the event, and to be honest, we're pretty excited about what kind of cool new tech the participants will come up with.

Porn Plan Pitfalls: What David Cameron Should Know About Classification

David Cameron’s recent announcement of his plan to automatically block porn across all of England has certainly stirred up its share of controversy. When asked how exactly he planned to enact this filtration and what, precisely, will get filtered, the Prime Minister admitted to being unsure of the specifics of his operation.

Sentiment and the Smiley Face

Emoticons and emoji have quickly become standard indicators of tone in casual text conversations. On mediums like Twitter, where users only have 140 characters to express themselves, these symbols can convey a lot about a writer's attitude towards a particular subject.

Text Analytics Showcase: Natural Language Processing and Medicine

We’re going to begin an occasional series showcasing emerging and interesting areas of text analysis that have caught our eye. Today’s topic: the use of natural language processing in the field of medicine.


Salience 5.1.1 Feature Highlight: Facet and Attribute Result Enhancement

Salience facets are great because they let you get to the root cause of a problem like “I slept poorly because the bed was hard.”  If you get enough reviews saying that, you might want to investigate softer mattresses.  The new version of Salience gives you the ability to get not just a rolled up view of all the facets and attributes, but also to get links back to all of th

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