Text Analytics Summit 2010 recap - A very different experience

Last week I attended the 6th annual Text Analytics Summit in Boston with the Lexalytics team and it was noticeably different from years past. There were fewer vendors in attendance, and while the overall attendance seemed to be down a bit from the year before, there were more end users in attendance than previous years.

Can sentiment stand on its own?

I attended the first Sentiment Analysis Symposium in NYC last week and thought it all came off reasonably well. It was interesting how the show really broke down into two very distinct schools of thought. There were the reputation management and social media monitoring folks that were by and large unhappy with the state of the technology.

Sentiment and the UK elections

Following on from doing live Twitter analysis of Thursday nights UK Election debate, I thought it might be interesting to see how what the leaders were actually saying scored, and more importantly, what words and language they were using to make the point.

Lexascope Coding Examples

We now have code examples for using Lexascope with all of the languages below. Come and grab 'em while they're hot!

Social Media is clearly here to's profitable, even.

At Lexalytics, we try to follow the news in all of the industries that affect and are affected by text analytics, chief among them is social media monitoring. An interesting bit of news came out last week from Radian6; they reported that last year was their first profitable year.

Changes in the Enterprise Search market

Now for something a bit out of the norm for me...a post about the enterprise search market.

How to swim around in a big sea of content

You know you've hit the right spot when Microsoft starts telling your story.

Automated doesn't always mean perfect but it doesn't always mean wrong either.

I am fascinated by the nay-sayers that repeatedly claim automated sentiment software, web sites and services are garbage.

Gizmodo likes Apple too, but not such an unhealthy amount…

Continuing the analysis of tech related sites, I decided to check to see if Apple really was that important across another consumer-focused tech site.

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