Salience Five Now Shipping!

Yes, yes, we've been very quiet.  That's because we've been working on really cool stuff, and now it's released to the marketplace.

Salience Five is our most important release since our last release!  :)

Seriously, though, we've introduced some groundbreaking new features to help you understand what's being said in all that text.

Salesforce jumps into the arena with Radian 6

Exciting news in the social media monitoring world today with the acquisition of Radian6 by for some nice money. The move makes all the sense in the world as it gives a reach into the Marketing/PR world rather than just sales. Radian6 was already the most widely recognized name in the social media monitoring space, and as an independent operator was a logical choice for acquisition. Buzz in the industry has been that they would be acquired sometime this year, but I never expected to be the purchaser. Going forward I suspect that this will change the SMM marketplace quite a bit.

Computerworld: Sentiment Analysis Comes of Age

Quick quiz - how many of the companies in this article rely on Lexalytics for sentiment analysis technology? Computerworld: Sentiment Analysis Comes of Age Answer: 3/5 technology providers (including ourselves, duh), and 3/6 of the social media monitoring companies. Awesome-tastic.

MediaVantage launches significant enhancements to their online media monitoring application

Our buddies over at MediaVantage have just announced some significant improvements to their already really good service. Included with improvements to their content stream for social media (including both more stuff and better filtering) and an improved search interface; they've launched some stuff that's near and dear to my heart - automated tonality scoring.

Flash Mobs, Malls, and Social Media Monitoring.

I came across the following article today, our last day before the Christmas holiday break. If ever an article deserved a blog post, it's this one. Expert: Roseville Galleria paid no attention to social media for flash mob The article talks about a flash mob that occurred in a mall in Roseville, CA.

Lexalytics and Datasift and the Twitter Firehose

Nick Halstead has launched a new service called Datasift. Datasift exists to help you filter the twitter firehose, chopping things up along any vector you can think of (and more). For example, you can do simple keyword filtering, but across a polygon that defines a geographical locale around the tweet-er, and only includes positive tweets.

Salience, Twitter, and other data work

Salience is roughly split into two parts: the software itself, and the supporting data directories that have dictionaries, models, etc. This post discusses work specific to the data directory itself.

Discovering relevant concepts in hotel reviews

In an earlier post, Jeff Catlin described analysis that we did around Bally's vs. Bellagio using publicly available customer reviews. We did this analysis using something called "categories", which is basically a fancy name for search strings.

Moving ahead with cost-effective text analytics

For the past year, we've experimented with using a web service to provide low-cost text analytics services, and we've learned a lot doing this.

Text Mining in Hotel Reviews: Bally's vs. Bellagio

Hotel Reviews represent one of my favorite uses of text analytics. About five years ago we built a site with FAST that measured hotel reviews to build a “consensus opinion ” of hotels in a narrow geographic area. The idea was to give users of the site (shown below) an idea of what people thought of various hotels in a given area (Manhattan for example).

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