Will Calls to Action Get Lost in Text Analysis?

Recently I was chatting with a potential customer who voiced an interesting concern: what happens if the email and survey responses my clients process contain directives from their customers?

What Acquiring Semantria Means for Us

We’re excited to work with Semantria, a cloud based text analytics service that delivers results via API or Microsoft Excel. Lexalytics’ power and Semantria’s accessibility are going make a really potent combo.

Our Customers in the News - July 10th, 2014

Keeping up with what's new

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Matrices

Text Analytics spans two ve

Understanding Polarity

Salience Learns Korean, I Learn a New Word

We’re happy to announce yet another Native Language Pack for Salience, and I’m happy to announce that I learned a new word today. The language is Korean, and the word is “agglutinative”. Let me explain:

Why Text Analytics is a Search Engine's Secret Weapon

I recently wrote a piece on text mining in search for Tech Radar, and I wanted to talk a little bit more about it here because text mining, or text analytics, is a search engine’s secret weapon. 

Text Analytics Fails! - Pieces of Miranda Kerr

English language entity recognition relies in part on recognizing proper nouns.

Italian Native Language Pack Is Latest Release In Multi-Lingual Language Support

We’re proud to announce the release of our new Italian Native Language Pack. This makes Italian the seventh language currently supported by Lexalytics. 

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