Lexalytics at New Communications Forum ‘08

Jeff Catlin, CEO, will address attendees at the upcoming New Communications Forum 2008 conference, being held from April 22-25, 2008 in Sonoma County, California. Catlin’s address, “Blogs: Measuring the Impact on the Democratic Process,” will occur on Wednesday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m.

Email, the new / old social network

So despite what some commentators would have us believe it doesn’t seem that email is going to disappear from the world a

Twitter - I just don’t get it

So it seems whatever you blogs you read at the moment they are full of mentions of Twitter, the current darling of the Web 2.0 world (which sometimes seems to be a small area just south of San Francisco) , with whole sites dedicated to the ‘tweets’ of the twitterati. Now it may just be because I am old, or because I’m an engineer and actually have to work for a living, but I just don’t get this obsession with telling anybody who is sad enough to follow you what you are doing at that precise moment.

Who do you trust

Keeping up to date in the software field gets harder every day, and when you are a smaller shop like us, it gets worse, as you generally have to keep track of developments in multiple engineering f

Microhoo? Yasoft?

Unbelievable. The AP is reporting that Microsoft are making an offer for Yahoo that values it at $44.6B or $31 a share.

TV, its still a good thing!

Saw a post on Scobleizer the other day that caught my attention where he was talking about being interviewed on

Jeremiah’s web strategy list for 2008

I found this to be a great collection of web marketing tools for marketers a

Cloud Computing and Office Workflow

Earlier this week Microsoft announced the beta release of Office Live Workspaces which enables you to collaborate on documents via the Internet, something that companies like Zoho and Google Docs have of course been doing for a while.

WSJ for free

In a move that makes those of us in the “content monitoring” space grin - WSJ has agreed to make its online content free.