Text Analytics

What is Text Analytics - Final

This will be the final piece on the basics of Text Analytics. I’ve covered the basics of categorization/classification, sentiment analysis and finally I’ll spend some time on entity extraction.

What is Text Analytics - Part 2

In my last post about Text Analytics, I described the more classification and concept-oriented pieces of Text Analytics. In this post, I’m going to outline the pieces that most people think of when they think about Text Analytics: Entity Extraction and Sentiment Analysis.

Salience 4.1 Release Announcement

Text Analytics Leader Lexalytics Releases Salience 4.1 Offering Entity Management Toolkit for Better Entity Detection Company’s release provides support for user-generated entity extraction mod

Got a spare 142 Gigs?

Just a very quick note to point you in the direction of a fantastic resource that Paul (one of the other members of the engineering team) pointed me at the other day.

Ten Things about Lexalytics’ Salience

Over the past couple of days several CMS companies have been coming clean about their product, due in no small part to

Using text analytics in your organization

I’m often asked how someone would use our text analytics and sentiment software within their organization.

My favorite feature of our upcoming 4.1 release

In recent posts, we’ve been devoting a lot of time to our sentiment scoring capabilities, and with good reason, they are our bread and butter.

Every little bit helps

With customers wanting to process more and more content (and more and more content being available) and wanting to do that in an a near real time manner as possible, the throughput speed of our var

I hate my job!

Got your attention, didn’t it? It’s not true. In fact, I love my job. Smart colleagues. Fantastic software and technology. Fun industry. Great customers.

The many uses of Text Analytics

John Harney at KMWorld put together a great article recently with Seth Grimes, Fern