Integrate our text analytics APIs to add world-leading NLP into your product, platform, or application.

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Fully Featured Natural Language Processing

Sentiment Analysis: Determine whether a piece of writing is positive, negative, or neutral.
Entity Extraction: Find people, places, dates, companies, products, jobs, titles, and more.
Categorization: Sort and organize documents into customizable groups.
Intention Detection: Determine the expressed intent of customers and reviewers.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy our text analytics and NLP systems across any combination of on-premise, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud infrastructure.

Salience: Our core text analytics and natural language processing software libraries at your command. Suitable for data scientists and architects who want complete access to the underlying technology or who need on-premise deployment for security or privacy reasons.

Semantria: The capabilities of Salience wrapped into a RESTful API with graphical configuration and user management tools. Integrate into your cloud-based enterprise data analytics infrastructure or deliver powerful text analytics to your own customers.

Spotlight: Store, manage, and analyze unstructured text documents in a complete solution built on the power of the Semantria API. Visualize the results in interactive dashboards and share your findings.

Native Languages

Fully transparent text analytics technology with truly native language support in 29 languages representing 67% of the world’s population spread across 6 continents.

Industry Packs

Hotels: Monitor consumer feedback and intentions in areas such as rooms, staff, service, and food
Restaurants: Whether a chain or fine dining, stay on top of diner sentiment towards food and service
Retail: Hear what’s going on as customers interact with staff, products, and locations throughout their shopping experience.
Pharma: Medications, symptoms, conditions, diseases, dosages, anatomical terms, specialties, plus 250 ICD-10 codes mapped to normalized names
Voice of Employee: How do employees think about management, benefits, opportunities, work-life balance, and more

Easy Configuration & Tuning

When you need to go beyond our out-of-the-box results, access the control you need. Define custom entities, create new query topics, build category taxonomies, add blacklists, and more through our intuitive configuration tools.

Deploy Custom Machine Learning Models

Hundreds of machine learning models already deployed to improve our core text analytics, and custom-trained machine learning “micromodels” to tackle unique challenges in your data when needed.