Tuning / Sentiment phrases

Sentiment phrases can either be a regular phrase up to 4 words long, or they can use the full Boolean query syntax. For example, to tune the concept of "small screen" as a negative, you can use either:

Sentiment phrase Weight
small screen -0.5
small NEAR/3 screen -0.5

The first form matches only the exact phrase "small screen" while the second form matches text such as "The screen is pretty small."

The weighting of a phrase should be between 1 and -1. We use this scale:

Tonality Weight
Complete positive 1 perfect
Mostly positive 0.6 great
Slight positive 0.3 good
Slight negative -0.3 poor
Mostly negative -0.6 bad
Completely negative -1 terrible

Phrases also obey negators and intensifiers, such as not and very. Because of this, you should usually not enter a negated phrase such as "not good." Enter the phrase that carries the sentiment (good) and let the NLP engine figure out the negation.

Single words are often somewhat context-dependent for their sentiment. Think carefully about using single words. For instance, you might see a sentence like "This product is garbage" and want to enter "garbage" by itself as a negative phrase. However, garbage is also used in non-sentiment contexts, such as "garbage truck" or "take out the garbage." If "garbage" is much more often than not used in a sentiment way in the content in your domain, put it in your dictionary but it pays to think twice about single words.

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