Salience Mobile / Quickstart


1 Download Salience Mobile

 Salience for Android  Documentation

2 Check your local directory structure

When you create an Android application, something similiar to the following directory structure should be created on your local machine:

<Project Name>


3 Unzip the files on your computer

When you unpack the Salience For Android zip, you should see the following structure:



  • Copy libs/armeabi/ from our project directory to yours, keeping the same directory structure.
  • Copy src/com/lexalytics/salience from our project directory into yours, keeping the same directory structure.

Congratulations! You should now be able to develop against the Salience Text Analytics library.

4 Deploying Salience

When it comes time to deploy Salience, you will need to move /slim_data onto the target device.By default, Salience looks for it at /sdcard/slim_data. If you wish to place the data directory elsewhere, simply edit the com/lexalytics/salience/ openSession function (eg String sDataPath = "/sdcard/slim_data";)to reference the new location.

Starting Salience and Processing Test

Full instructions for interacting with the salience API can be found in our javadoc documentation which you should have downloaded above. However, as a quick starting example the following demonstrates starting Salience and processing text.

Salience salienceEngine = new Salience(); //you should create one Salience object per thread and use it for all analysis.
KeywordResult result = salienceEngine.parseKeywords("this is example text. You would put whatever content you want to analyze here"); //Retrieve results for a piece of text
System.out.println("Document summary: "+result.getSummary()); //make use of the results.

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