evolve24 Turned to Lexalytics Text Analytics Tools to Unlock Growth

Best-In-Class Text Analytics Tools, 24 Hours a Day


evolve24 is a big data analytics firm that combines myriad data sources to help Fortune companies create strategic direction. Their platform helps companies predict which products customers will accept and adopt while avoiding risk. In order to process information and provide market intelligence in real-time, evolve24 can only employ best-in-class text analytics tools with the lowest possible latency and downtime.

Two Months Integration Time: 4.5 Million Documents Processed Per Day

Lexalytics’ Salience text analytics tool is key in the evolve24 solution suite. Salience’s low-latency, processing 5 or more tweets every second, expedites evolve24’s time-to-value for their customers. evolve24 also turned to Lexalytics for the scale and flexibility they need to deal with large, complex streaming datasets. Salience, the text analytics tool power and customizability gives evolve24 the ability to keep up with increasing volumes and types of data, while helping them maintain high standards of consistency and measurement comparability across a range of text data sources.

The Lexalytics Salience
text analytics engine is a key
tool for us in conjunction with our
proprietary emotion metric; this next
evolution of functionality promises an
even more comprehensive look into
the conversations our customers’
customers are having

— Noah Krusell
VP of Product Development,

COMPANY: evolve24
INDUSTRY: Social Media Monitoring
REVENUE: $100 Million
MISSION: evolve24 combines data science and decision science to provide trend prediction services which clients can use to make better decisions

About Lexalytics®

Lexalytics processes billions of words every day, globally, for data analytics companies and enterprise data analyst teams that need to tell powerful stories from text data. The company’s Salience®, Semantria® and Lexalytics Intelligence Platform™ products combine natural language processing with artificial intelligence to transform text in all its forms into usable data. Lexalytics solutions can be deployed on premises, in the cloud or within hybrid cloud infrastructure to reveal context-rich patterns and insights for voice of customer, voice of employee, customer experience management, market research, social listening, news monitoring and other business intelligence programs. For more information, please visit www.lexalytics.com, email sales@lexalytics.com or call 1-617-249-1049. Follow Lexalytics on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.