Semantria Storage And Visualization / Release notes

Semantria Storage and Visualization

2.17.0 (2021-02-17)

New Functionality

  • Edit Sentiment Polarity Ranges per project
  • Add and edit entities per document in document viewer
  • Edit Document Sentiment in document viewer


  • Document List: New Column Chooser added the ability to choose what columns are displayed in the widget
  • Crosstab: New chart shows pivot-line presentation of collocations of multiple features
  • New Explore functionality added to most widgets
  • Added Quarters as display option to over time widgets


  • Filter Panel: Added "Show More" feature which allows users to choose from more than the top 10 of a feature
  • Added ability to open document view in a new window
  • Reworked Collection panel
  • Reworked Analysis group panel
  • Reworked analysis progress reporting

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues with Tags
  • Resolved "Any of these" filtering issues
  • Resolved emoji display issue in document viewer
  • Configurations that are not set to polling are no longer able to be selected for an analysis
  • Fixed taxonomy search
  • Resolved issues with data downloaded from widgets

2.16.0 (2020-08-31)


  • Conversation Explorer: New chart allows for exploration of the interrelationships of entities, themes, and topics in a set of documents.
  • Taxonomy Chart: Topic and taxonomy export as Excel
  • Taxonomy Chart: Create word cloud from taxonomy node
  • Taxonomy Chart: Alter behavior of taxonomy node display in taxonomy tree map
  • Taxonomy Chart: Able to search from Taxonomy data table view
  • Sentiment Polarity displayed as default in document window.
  • Switch between sentiment polarity and sentiment score in the Dashboard Configuration option in the Dashboard ellipsis menu.
  • Added options to "Show as..." for sentiment polarity charts


  • Downloading charts as images now includes the chart title

Bug Fixes

  • Can now download to CSV based on the filter in an unsaved chart
  • Uploading data to "Tags" metadata now possible
  • Sentiment Score chart export to PPT improved
  • Custom date filter now includes upper date in results
  • Downloading charts now converts times to user's local timezone
  • Removed "Show as data table" from Document List
  • Removed "Show as data table" from Notes
  • Tags added to documents now show without manually flushing cache
  • Download as Excel now works with Analysis Groups
  • Correctly saving time interval on "zoomed" graphs
  • Correctly bucketing documents with date but no time
  • Added sentiment score to csv download of Word Cloud

2.14.0 (2020-03-25)

Major work on "document" features:

  • The document list has been enhanced with a better layout.
  • Single documents are now displayed in a modal popup rather than within a widget.
  • Users can now highlight all features in a group in the document viewer.
  • In widgets, selecting "Show documents for this item" opens the modal viewer and highlights the selected item.
  • When opening the document modal from the document list, the metadata column is collapsed.
  • When paging from document to document, the metadata selections are preserved.
  • When highlighting metadata, you can also highlight the associated sentiment phrases.
  • Document sentiment score has been added to the document modal.
  • Searching within a document now Auto-scrolls to the first hit.
  • Metadata headers now show counts.

Data "Collection" enhancements:

  • Reworked the "information" panel for collections to be cleaner and more intuitive.
  • Added column mapping to collection info panel.


  • The data source chooser for widgets is now the same as the one used during widget creation.
  • For time-based widgets, the user has more flexibility choosing the timescale.
  • Custom Integer fields are supported in the document filter panel.
  • Custom Integer fields are supported in the Analytic Item selector.


  • Standardized date formats (DD-MMM-YYYY) throughout application.

Bug Fixes

  • Hide items now working for Taxonomy.
  • Hide items now working for Documents by Sentiment Score and Documents by Doc Count.
  • Taxonomy now showing occurrences in integers for "Show phrases of the node".
  • User is notified of rejected duplicate documents in the Collection info panel.
  • Collection card no longer in an unusable state if first analysis was a failure.
  • Highlighting all features with respect to sentiment color codes now working on Windows.
  • Graphing a custom chart, changing the data source, and selecting an analytic item no longer reverts back to the original data source.
  • Changing analytic type for Sentiment over time chart when sentiment filter is applied no longer shows "No data found".
  • Sentiment Polarity graph with 5 point sentiment scale shown as data table now has uniform alignment.
  • Reset zoom button no longer disappears if widget is zoomed in to a graph with no data.
  • "Show documents for this item" for phrases from word cloud now expands the metadata column for phrases.
  • Zooming in on a "Number of documents over time" widget no longer shows "No Data found".
  • Showing phrases for entity on word cloud no longer gives "No data found".
  • Correct graph dispalyed when changing volume graph to "Documents by document count" when sentiment filters are applied.
  • Selected item no longer disappears when graphing Sentiment vs Volume chart.
  • Auto-granularity restored on line chart zoom.
  • Graphing Entity: Quote by Doc Count no longer displays "No data found".

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