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Lexalytics CEO Jeff Catlin to Address Sentiment Analysis Symposium [Health & Beauty Close – Up]


Lexalytics, a provider of text and sentiment analysis software, said that its CEO, Jeff Catlin, will be presenting on how companies can maximize business results using social media insights at the upcoming Sentiment Analysis Symposium held in New York on Tuesday, May 8.


Bitly rolls out ‘early warning’ social media tool


Link-sharing and shortening platform Bitly has launched a new social media monitoring service for businesses which spots “potentially damaging” threats to brands before they “spiral out of control”.


As news sites mine social media for data, intriguing challenges lie ahead


Many news organizations are pressing a new frontier of technology in 2012 — training computers to analyze thousands of written messages and interpret how their authors feel.


Twitter allows marketeers to mine historical tweets


A new cloud platform has been launched for Twitter users, allowing them to mine more than two years of historical tweets to extract insights and identify trends relating to businesses, brands, financial markets, news and public opinion.


Seth Redmore of Lexalytics talks Business IT, Sustainable Business with Jeff Cutler


While in San Francisco, we spoke with Seth Redmore of Lexalytics. During this fun video, we chatted about sustainable technology, social business, storage solutions and more.


DataSift Turns Back Clock On Twitter


Social data processing specialist launches searchable archive of tweets going back to January 2010.

Social media architects have been so busy creating the future that they’ve often given short shrift to the past.

The perishable nature of the status post may have started to change on Facebook, with its new Timeline profiles, but history is still hard to come by on Twitter, where search results typically don’t reach back more than days or weeks. Individual users may value Twitter precisely for how well it lives in the moment, but researchers seeking to analyze changing attitudes and trends often need to look backward in order to tell what has changed.


Lexalytics and Document Summarization


No humans required, or that’s the premise.

Lexalytics which is best known for its text analysis engine highlights their text summarization tool.


Sentiment Analysis for Business, Finance, and Social Media Showcased at May 8 New York Symposium


Symposium will feature speakers and panelists from American Express, Fidelity Investments, Kraft Foods, the Red Cross, Thomson Reuters, and Yahoo, start-ups, and academia


A Klout Score for Brands? Net Promoter Creator Adapts to Social Media


Net Promoter, a mainstay of marketing measurement, is being adapted to the social media age with a Klout-like rating system based on the ratio of pro and con opinions on Twitter and Facebook


Datamining Twitter


On its own, Twitter builds an image for companies; very few are aware of this fact. When a big surprise happens, it is too late: a corporation suddenly sees a facet of its business – most often a looming or developing crisis – flare up on Twitter


Sentiment Analysis Explained


Sentiment and text mining analytics company Lexalytics has created the first easy to use semantic classifier by compiling over 1.1 million words and phrases from Wikipedia. Sentiment analysis, or opinion mining, refers to the application of natural language processing, computational linguistics, and text analytics to identify and extract subjective information in source materials.


DataSift Offers Social Data Analytics Service


As the child of TweetMeme, one of the most successful search and aggregation frontends to Twitter, DataSift aims to power sophisticated search, filtering, and analytics for applications.


Search Acquisitions


One of my two or three readers sent me a link to “Acquisition: The Elephant in the Meeting Room.” I don’t have strong feelings one way or the other about Mongoose, the write up, or the enterprise search sector. I have identified some of the buzzwords used to dance around the little-discussed problem of lousy enterprise search systems.


DataSift brings social media tracking, filtering platform to U.S.


DataSift, a real-time data-filtering platform, is moving stateside to help businesses monitor just how their brand is doing when it comes to social media.

Essentially, DataSift’s platform searches through user conversations on social media sites (just Twitter for the time being) to formulate business-related insights based on hundreds of millions of social media posts per day. The platform is also able to filter social media data by demographic information, online influence and sentiment.

Sentiments come into play thanks to a partnership with Lexalytics…


How to find out what employees really think


In the past few years, savvy companies have been using text analytics software to analyse positive and negative phrases appearing in social media and other electronic posts to figure out what customers think about their products, service and policies.


Search Silver Bullets, Elixirs, and Magic Potions: Thinking about Findability in 2012


I feel expansive today (November 9, 2011), generous even. My left eye seems to be working at 70 percent capacity. No babies are screaming in the airport waiting area. In fact, I am sitting in a not too sticky seat, enjoying the announcements about keeping pets in their cage and reporting suspicious packages to law enforcement by dialing 250.


The Future of Sentiment Analysis


As Jason has reported before here, sentiment analysis is a tricky thing. Even humans disagree on sentiment 15 percent of the time, so how can a computer create something more accurate? As technology evolves, sentiment analysis gets better, or so we’d like to think.


Lexalytics Amps Up the Semantic Understanding of Salience 5.0


Bill Ives recently discussed the advancements of Salience 5.0 with Lexalytics CEO Jeff Catlin. Ives writes, “Semantic technology differs from most computing as it learns on the job. This can provide great benefits but it can also be time consuming… [Lexalytics] came up with a clever idea to reduce the learning curve.


Lexalytics Salience 5.0 Devours Wikipedia to Enhance its Semantic Understanding


Semantic technology differs from most computing as it learns on the job. This can provide great benefits but it can also be time consuming. I recently talked with Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics, about what they’re doing with their recent upgrade of their product, Salience 5.0.


Enterprise Search Silliness


A good example of the buy out that slays the competitor is Thomson Reuters’ purchase in October 2011 of some of the intellectual property, people, and software from Infonics Lexalytics.


How Now Predicts the Future


Link shortening and social web analytics provider announced today the first Enterprise product built on top of its new search platform, a reputation tracking alert system


Lexalytics Trains Your Computer!


Lexalytics competes in the realm of text analysis. Its Salience engine helps companies track what people are saying about their products on the internet. Seth Redmore, VP of Product Management at Lexalytics, talks sentiment analysis with David Cox in, “Train Your Computer, Monitor Your Brand Online Using Sentiment Analysis.”


Semantic Analysis API-Services: Lexalytics, Pingar, Saplo & More


A variety of API-fronted services offer strong semantic-analysis capabilities: Resolution of entities, facts, relationships, and sentiment in text originating in online, social, and enterprise sources. Our first meetup this year will feature service presentations from representatives of innovative players including Lexalytics, Pingar, and Saplo and continue with a moderated discussion of the start of the technology and the market, trends, and directions.


Google and the Bullies Who Are Not Googley


I am tired, in a weird time zone, and in a place that looks like the moon. I took time out from some exciting meetings to read “When Patents Attack Android”. I would have made “android” plural, that’s why I am in the middle of nowhere and Google is sitting on top of the mobile world.


Travel Companies Are Listening to All Your Vacation Chatter


Gee it’s quiet. That’s because most everyone is on vacation, preparing for one, or thinking about one.