Dealing with a Flood of Text in a Regulated World
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Augmented Robotics Dialog System for Enhancing Human–Robot Interaction



10 Reasons You Should Attend the NY Sentiment Symposium



Lexalytics takes the pulse of social


“Semantics, syntax, and context.” You need all three to turn text into possible business decisions, according to Seth Redmore, CMO at Lexalytics, Inc.


Here’s what the Twittersphere really thinks of the new Caitlyn Jenner


Reports on Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner’s recent debut on the cover of Vanity Fair have cited an assortment of reactions from the Twittersphere.


Lexalytics Updates Salience Analytics Software


Lexalytics, a provider of cloud and on-prem text and sentiment analytics solutions, updated its Salience sentiment analytics platform.


Text Analytics: The Next Generation of Big Data


In this special guest feature, Jeff Catlin of Lexalytics lays out the case for text analytics and its importance to the rising interest in big data.


Lexalytics Continues Innovation with Salience Analytics Software


Lexalytics®, a leader in cloud and on-prem text and sentiment analytics solutions, announces the update of its Salience® sentiment analytics platform with quicker, more accurate processing, easier configuration of query topics in accented languages such as Portuguese and Spanish, and the ability to contextualize sentiment statements using Boolean search logic.


Research Live: Write here, write now



Lexalytics Launches Wizard for Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis


Lexalytics, a provider of text and sentiment analytics, today launched a wizard and graphical user interface (GUI) for its Semantria software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and Excel plugin. The new wizard, called SWIZ, is part of the Semantria Online Configurator, SWEB 1.3.


Where are the text analytics unicorns?


Customer-strategy maven Paul Greenberg made a thought-provoking remark to me back in 2013. Paul was puzzled — Why haven’t there been any billion-dollar text analytics startups?


Careful what you write: How text mining could hurt your business


Tesla Motors experienced its second highest one-minute trading volume of all time earlier this month after computers misinterpreted the company’s April Fools’ Day joke as a serious press release.


IAB SA launches tool to show what SA’s talking about online


You’ll often hear organisations claim to be “at the beating heart” of a country’s digital industry. In the case of a new tool launched by IAB South Africa, that’s a little more literal than you might expect.


YouEye targets qualitative data with new analytics platform


Most tools in the booming field of analytics rely on quantitative data. Analytics tends to work best with large numbers of numerical data points; smaller data sets and those where the data isn’t easily quantified can present problems.


The beating ‘Pulse’ of IAB SA goes heart-shaped


The Internet Advertising Bureau of South Africa’s mission is to promote digital growth and in doing so, has to tap in to what South African internet users are talking about. Once brands know that, they can react and start talking to consumers


The Startup That Helps You Analyze Twitter Chatter in Real Time


Catherine Havasi wants to help businesses understand what people are saying on Twitter, Facebook, and other online feeds and forums—right now. Havasi is the co-founder and CEO of artificial intelligence startup Luminoso


Lexalytics Now Offers Intention Analysis


Lexalytics is going beyond predicting consumers’ feelings, or sentiment analysis, to anticipating their actions with what they call “intention analysis.” Information Week takes a look at the feature


Luminoso brings its text analysis smarts to streaming data


Luminoso, a sentiment analysis startup with DNA from MIT’s Media Lab, says its new product can take consumer feedback from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and potentially other feeds, and boil it into one stream to provide a near real-time look at how people feel (or at least talk) about a given topic.


Customers to Retailers: Don’t Stalk My Twitter!


Big Data has been a hot topic in the business world in recent years. Even if consumers aren’t quite sure how it all works, they know its purpose: Companies are collecting and using digital data — such as Web search histories, past purchases and geolocation — to make personalized recommendations and market to customers in the most targeted, effective way possible.


Antiterrorisme sur le web: une guerre qui se corse


L’efficacité avec laquelle les terroristes recrutent sur l’internet a créé une commotion mondiale. Plus que jamais, les services secrets sont pressés de les traquer sur ce terrain. Des percées technologiques renversantes, qu’on pensait réservées aux oeuvres de science-fiction, pourraient bientôt les y aider. Elles n’en inquiètent pas moins les défenseurs de la vie privée.


Social Media Analysis – The Year in M&A;, Social Media Analysis 2014


2014 saw 39 companies in social media analysis change hands, a big jump from the 18 in 2013. Continuing an ongoing trend, most of the year’s deals involved strategic technology acquisitions or specialist firms joining bigger companies


Forbes Ukraine – Cloud in a purse


Брюки и пиджак, смокинг с галстуком‑­бабочкой или джинсы ­­и поло? Олег Рогинский, 26‑летний владелец стартапа Semantria, не может подобрать подходящий костюм. Он собирается на ужин со своим бывшим боссом Джеффом Катлином, генеральным директором


Latest Applications in Enterprise Search


In my previous post, I described the future of enterprise search. In this post, I will describe few new search applications that could be interesting.


Forbes Ukraine – What attracts investors Ukrainian hi-tech


В недавно опубликованном исследовании управляющий партнер AVentures Capital Евгений Сысоев вместе с коллегами проанализировал 250 сделок, в которые за последние три года было вовлечено свыше 1000 украинских стартапов.


2014 Year In Review: Thanks For The Good Times, Part 1


As has been our tradition these last few years, The Semantic Web Blog steps back for experts in it and in related spaces to give us their opinion of the highlights of 2014. Here is Part 1:


Getting Over Big Data’s Creepy Factor


One of the great things about following big data is that every so often, when you want to touch on its “creepy factor,” you get to link to the New York Times story of how Target figured out a teen-age girl was pregnant before her father did (the link is to the lengthy original; this Forbes’ columnist summarizes it nicely).