Wireless in Airports

  1 m, 10 s
OK so I’m setting off on my epic! adventure to travel to the USA for Lexcon ‘06 and as I type this I’m sitting in the business lounge of Glasgow Airport (first time business class and its lovely) and I can’t get online. Actually that’s not true, I could get online if I was willing to pay for access but at 3GBP an hour its seems slightly exorbitant even to me. Now to be fair the providers do offer better priced subscription packages that represent reasonable value if you are using the airports regularly but for occasional travelers like me those just don’t make sense. Given how integrated the Internet has become in our lives, and how many business travelers flow through pretty much any airport on a daily basis, doesn’t it make sense that the airports themselves should be offering free access to all there customers. Its not like it would cost them a massive amount and it would certainly generate a lot of goodwill. Finally the real irony is that dispute the fact that I’m typing this in Glasgow I’m not actually going to be able to post it up until I get to my final destination - a connected world, sure, if you are prepared to pay for it Update: Made it to Iceland and lo and behold, free wifi. This is how it should be.
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