What We’ve Been Up To This Month: May

  1 m, 26 s

14867213_sMay was a busy month for us here at Lexalytics. We celebrated Mother’s Day by kicking off our new Youtube series exploring the origin of the word “mama”. We also announced SWIZ – our Semantria Wizard, a graphical user interface (GUI) to make sentiment analysis more intuitive and accessible to everyone.

Over here on the blog side of things, we were lucky enough to have Randy Hlavac, digital marketing and social monitoring expert and Lecture Professor at Northwestern, write an amazing guest post for us – CEO: Save Millions and Retain Market Share with Social Monitoring Systems.

We also tackled some of this month’s trends – like the machine learning capabilities behind how-old.net, the age-guessing website that went viral this month. Avengers: Age of Ultron released in the United States early this month, so of course we took to twitter to find out who everyone’s favorite avenger is.

We wrote about the future of text mining, how social media monitoring is improving our healthcare, and the different ways sentiment analysis is changing the world – from business to politics to crime.

It’s been a busy month for our partners as well:

Stay tuned for an exciting June!

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