What Acquiring Semantria Means for Us

  1 m, 15 s
The word is out: we’ve acquired Semantria. We’re excited to work with Semantria, a cloud based text analytics service that delivers results via API or Microsoft Excel. Lexalytics’ power and Semantria’s accessibility are going make a really potent combo. We’ve been saying all year that 2014 is going to be a big year for text analytics. We see the industry headed in a new direction where text analytics will become a fully incorporated business practice. The range of industries now incorporating text analytics has broadened so quickly. It’s time for text analytics to leave its technical niche and step into the light. Semantria is a big part of this shift. The way Semantria is structured makes it much easier for smaller companies and individuals to gain insight from text. Our partnership allows us to be part of making text analytics more accessible, and making accessible text analytics more powerful and functional. So what does this mean for us? We’re branching out, in terms of the users we’re trying to reach. You’re going to see a more rapid deployment of new applications designed to bring our technology to wider audiences. We’ve also started a new blog over at Semantria. Lexablog will continue to bring you the same sort of content you’ve enjoyed so far, while Semantria will be adding their own personal flavor and perspective to the text analytics scene, so be sure to add them to your RSS feed and follow them on Twitter.
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