Viafoura, Semantria, Amazon, and Lexalytics Hack-A-Thon!

  36 s

On Saturday April 27th, viafoura is hosting a hack-a-thon to see what interesting ideas developers, product designers, and data scientists can come up with when given large data sets.

Hackers are armed with 10 years worth of  news stories from the Guardian (one of UK’s largest news publications), computing power from Amazon ($250 credit for each person), a natural language processing tool (Lexalytics-Semantria) and space donated by Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone. Mix all this together and you have all the building blocks to come up with some amazing big data projects.

Amaze us!  Wow us!  Amuse us!  Oleg Rogynskyy, the CEO of Semantria and I will judge and are both super excited to see what you can come up with!

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