Using text analytics in your organization

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I’m often asked how someone would use our text analytics and sentiment software within their organization. Most inquiries come because a person knows that analytics on unstructured text is important. But they aren’t quite sure how to work it into their business in order to get meaningful results. Here are a few scenarios to show you how our software is used by our customers: Text Analytics - Enterprise Search Lexalytics Customer Case: Endeca Situation: You have streams of information coming into your company and it all looks the same. Sometimes you know what to search on, but other times you need to find the hidden information in all that unstructured content. How do you improve your enterprise search capabilities to get even better results Solution: Integrating text analytics into the enterprise search application will allow you to find information you didn’t even know existed because it can extract entities like people, places, companies, products and relationships - and that allows you to access information without necessarily knowing what question to ask. Reputation Management - Market Intelligence Lexalytics Customer Case: Cymfony Situation: You know people are talking about your company, your products and brands, yet you don’t have the time or resources to read a million blogs a day. How do you discover the sentiment contained within all the information out in the blogosphere? Solution: Lexalytics has spent years refining and improving the sentiment analysis software used by many of the vendors offering reputation management, today. By analyzing sentiment at the entity level, and not just the document level, we are providing more accurate results from your data. Classification - Taxonomy Lexalytics Customer Case: SmartBrief Situation: You know you have streams of content flowing into your company, but you can’t find an easy way to manage all the various buckets of information. How do you slice and dice the content without taking months to set up a new taxonomy? Solution: The key to our classification solution is the ability to easily edit the taxonomy to your business needs. We don’t believe one method of classification is the end all, be all, of a solution so we allow users to select from a variety of methods As John Harvey at KMWorld recently pointed out, there may be several reasons why text analytics is important to your company, but I wanted to share the three that we see the most in our business.

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