Text Analytics meets Predictive Analysis

  1 m, 12 s

Predictive analytics have been around since the 80’s… The 80’s?! That’s right, Angoss is a Toronto-based company that has been offering predictive analytics solutions for over 30 years. It’s hard to believe that companies like this even existed before the internet, but they did.

In the following video, Brandon Kane shows us the kind of value that can come from combining predictive analytics with text analytics. The example used in this video is fantastic. 1.9 million tweets that mention iPhone, Samsung or Blackberry are analyzed to see what people with super high Klout scores are talking about. Essentially, Brandon is trying to see what the most influential people care about.

All of the juicy features of Salience are showcased using nice graphs, all color-coded for sentiment. If you are wondering why all of the sentiment is low for blackberry, it’s because this dataset was collected just after the release of the Z10.

It’s a no brainer that people were bashing Blackberry at this time, and the sentiment is as it should be, negative. You can take this to a deeper level and see exactly what words were being used to hate on Blackberry, the features that were getting no love, etc.

Brandon continues going through the analyzed data to show how this kind of insight can be used to make predictions in the future.

Watch the video to see what happens when text analytics meet predictive analytics.


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