User Group 2013: How to Find Intelligence in VoC and Compliance with Craig Golightly

  1 m, 8 s

Watch Craig’s talk here.

Senior Software Consultant, Craig Golightly, explains how to get the most out of customer feedback, both text and voice. Using clever metaphors, he explains why accuracy is less important than consistency when trying to extract information from continuous feedback. As long as the information is consistent in its inaccuracy, changes can be easily monitored and provide a huge amount of data that might otherwise be thrown out over concerns of less than 100% accuracy.

Craig also discusses how to get the most out of voice by using transcription software and Lexalytics. Again, the outcome may not be extremely accurate, but as long as it’s consistent, it’s helpful. According to Craig, the largely ignored arena of voice can also yield an abundance of metadata through voice and speech analysis.

Craig Golightly has provided software solutions in various industries for over 10 years and is passionate about solving problems with the right technology. While at Mindshare Technologies he worked with many nationwide clients to process millions of customer comments in both audio and text formats. He loves how text and speech analytics can help companies listen and customers be heard. Craig is currently a Senior Software Consultant with Software Technology Group and has a Master’s degree in computer science. He enjoys tackling difficult problems as well as connecting with people through presenting, training and mentoring.

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