User Group 2013: Fun Tricks with Salience with Tim Mohler

  56 s
Tim Mohler takes us through a nice half an hour workshop going through cool tips and trick to optimize Salience’s configuration for your purposes.Tim talks about looking at both themes and entities (and facets when running a collection analysis) to help generate taxonomy topics, allowing Salience to automatically categorize all of your content into sortable buckets. The video also covers adding entities that are not immediately recognized by Salience out of the box, and other methods of customizing Salience so that it works for your needs. Tim Mohler has over 10 years of experience in the fields of text analytics and reputation management and is focused on helping companies get better information for better decisions. He spent 5 years as the Principal for Mohlenaar Consulting where he worked with Fortune 1000 companies implementing text analytics solutions. Prior to Mohlenaar Consulting, he was focused on tying network management information to business goals for financial services firms. He was instrumental in implementing a business services view of the primary market making operations of one of the world’s largest hedge funds. Tim has a degree in Math from Carnegie Mellon University.
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