US Elections Realtime Twitter Sentiment Analysis

  55 s

In keeping with the spirit of the upcoming US elections, we’ve released a special political demo for you guys to play with.

The demo monitors Twitter and provides a realtime sentiment analysis of tweets revolving around the elections, and the hot topics that are currently under debate. The ticker at the top represents the 20 most talked about themes of the last 60 seconds of the Twitter firehose.

The demo itself features tweets floating by at a languid pace, each one with a sentiment score attached, as well as the username and profile picture of the person who tweeted it. You can filter the tweets by candidate (example: Barack Obama) or by topic (abortion, health care), and really see what people are saying in realtime. You can even have some fun and participate: tweet something election related, and watch the ticker to see if your tweet appears!

The political demo is a great way to showcase what Lexalytics Salience is capable of, and what kind of fun can be had with it as well. Check the demo out, I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it before.

Categories: Sentiment Analysis, Twitter