Twitter – I just don’t get it

  2 m, 5 s
So it seems whatever you blogs you read at the moment they are full of mentions of Twitter, the current darling of the Web 2.0 world (which sometimes seems to be a small area just south of San Francisco) , with whole sites dedicated to the ‘tweets’ of the twitterati. Now it may just be because I am old, or because I’m an engineer and actually have to work for a living, but I just don’t get this obsession with telling anybody who is sad enough to follow you what you are doing at that precise moment. For example Wil Wheaton - yes the guy who played Wesley Crusher in STNG and was always the one who would come up with some super new scientific discovery to save the day - twitted the day:

Meeting my wife for afternoon tea is awesome. Wait! I mean it’s dandy. Yes, it is just dandy.

  I mean who gives a @#%$ about this. Yep pretty much precisely no-one. And don’t think that I’m just using this to have a go at Wil, that’s not the point, the ‘twitterverse’ is full of this sort of thing. Oh but its all about bringing people together I hear you cry, its social. Well guess what, it doesn’t seem to be working. As my favorite Web 2.0 sceptic pointed out

A recent study by sociologists at Duke University and the University of Arizona provided “powerful evidence for the argument that the country is becoming increasingly socially isolated even as cellphones, the Internet, and other technology make people more interconnected.” That we are technically more interconnected belies the fact that those connections aren’t very strong and are actually getting weaker.

If you’ve really got something important to say you can always pick up the telephone and talk to someone - now that really is social. The final thing that annoys me about Twitter is that fact that there is no business model there. I like companies that actually make money - I know, an alien concept to a lot of businesses these days - and Twitter certainly doesn’t appear to have one. A wise man once said ‘Build it and they will come’ but that didn’t pan out to well for these guys and frankly I don’t see it panning out well for Twitter either. If anyone feels compelled to tell me why I am wrong then feel free to comment, but make sure you only use 140 characters icon_smile