TV, its still a good thing!

  1 m, 21 s
Saw a post on Scobleizer the other day that caught my attention where he was talking about being interviewed on broadcast TV and the differences between it and Internet video. This paragraph especially jumped out at me

Did my hits go nuts after being on these two shows? No. Barely even a blip up, if any at all. So, why do TV then? Well, for a couple of reasons. First, people who have influence in the industry appreciate that you got onto CNBC. That seems to brand you in a way that saying “I have a million visits a month” will never do. Plus, it’ll get you sales calls that blogging never will. Second, I’ve been getting nice notes all week from people I haven’t heard from for a long time saying “nice job on CNBC.”

This certainly mirrors the experience we have had recently. We were lucky enough to get Jeff onto Fox News to talk about information that we had processed and analysed using the ATK ( and whilst it drove a lot of traffic to the site on the day, it didn’t keep driving it - thankfully, as its really more of a technology demonstrator - but it definitely raised our profile amongst the decision makers that we try to reach. Our number of cold calls has gone up and they are good cold calls, with people who actually are looking to purchase the sort of technology that we have and have budget icon_smile So TV, whilst not ‘hip’ with the web 2.0 crowd, is still a great medium to get exposure on.