Traditional vs. non-traditional media coverage

  1 m, 21 s
At Lexalytics, we host a demo site called that tracks and analyzes content from over 300 political blogs. We use it mainly as a forum to showcase our software and to have a “live” version of our capabilities up and running at all times. As we always do, we track hot themes in the last 3 days on the home page and I noticed that one of the theme’s over the last 3 days was “yoo memo”. This theme referred to an 81 page memo authored by John C. Yoo that released to the public and discussed, in part, authorizing torture of government detainees. I certainly don’t want to give the impression that we are in the political analysis business by posting an opinion about politics, however I did find it interesting that there was a post about the lack of coverage of the memo from traditional media outlets. The fact that it was one of our hot themes in the political blogs, and hardly mentioned on the big news networks, says a lot about how lines are being drawn defining “newsworthy” information. Apply that to business and imagine how difficult it may be for companies or businesses to know what is being discussed in the blogosphere if they only focus on analyzing the traditional outlets. The hottest theme in the blogopshere may not be what is coming in on your news feeds - and while this was about a nationally released government memo - imagine what you could be missing out on regarding your company’s brands or products? Disclosure of Torture Memo Fails to Grab Tradional Media’s Attention