The many uses of Text Analytics

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John Harney at KMWorld put together a great article recently with Seth Grimes, Fern Halper and Sue Feldman to provide readers with an overview of why and how they would use text analytics with unstructured content. They pointed out these various applications for text analytics:

    • Business intelligence
    • Voice of the customer
    • Sentiment analysis
    • Intelligence (Counter-terrorism)
    • Life sciences
    • Executive search (hiring)
  • E-discovery

The last application that I would add to this list is Enterprise Search. Text analytics can improve the search process by extracting key metadata from documents and other unstructured information. We know search is great if you know the questions you want to ask, but if you are trying to uncover valuable information because you don’t know the question, text analytics plays a key role in that discovery process. In addition, coupled with Voice of the customer and Sentiment analysis is the often over-used term Reputation Management. This takes into account any and all means by which a company wants to monitor and manage the brand image of their company (or person). This can come by the way of customers, influencers, bloggers, twitterers (did I just make up that word?) and other media outlets and relies heavily on sentiment analysis, product (entity) extraction and human interaction.

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