Text Analytics Summit 09

  1 m, 15 s

As the Text Analytics Summit draws to a close, I am watching many of the familiar faces that approached our exhibit table to learn more about Lexalytics grab their last cup of coffee and snack before heading out. We were happy to host a workshop this year, introducing the beta of our LexaScope product, due out in early July. This hosted web service will serve small to mid-sized businesses looking to extract themes, people, companies and sentiment from smaller amounts of data, beginning with a plug-in we developed to process data in excel. It was helpful to solicit feedback from the people we anticipate will try out the service when it is ready for prime time, and will take their comments and suggestions back with us to the development team. One-on-one feedback is still priceless. More to come when we solidify a launch date. Overall, the sessions were packed with attendees and many of them probably could have gone longer given the number of questions from the audience members. Sentiment analysis was a hot topic and there were many good case studies presented. We enjoy attending this event to see and learn from our colleagues and partners, and to hear what users believe is most important in their text analytics needs. SaaS is definitely the implementation of choice with direct end users like JetBlue, AOL and Monster.com. To see some more snippets from the conference, search Twitter under #textsummit. I was able to tweet some of the sessions from the event.

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