Text Analytics can play in very targeted, scientific enterprises

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I came across this great article by Frank Brown Ph. D from Accelrys (a company, I'll be honest, I had never heard of until today) in Information Management. He was describing the world of the scientific enterprise and how smart information management can help to strike a balance between content and context in R&D. In part, he wrote, "The term “business intelligence” has risen in the realm of information management for a reason. A collection of letters, numbers, figures or images are meaningless until processed in a way that makes the information understandable and usable. That’s what distinguishes raw data from true intelligence." I think regardless of industry, people are wondering how to get at silos of information and make them more useful. He continued with, "But when the available knowledge base includes an enormous breadth of sources, data formats and locations, relying on human processing alone is simply not feasible. This is where emerging technologies such as advanced semantic search and text analytics come in. These types of artificially intelligent categorization tools can help remove the time and cost constraints involved in extracting the context from complex content so that research collaborators can capitalize on all the valuable stores of data available to them – structured and unstructured, proprietary and public." If text analytics and business intelligence can help with the information management process for companies whose job it is to better the world with drug manufacturing or scientific break-throughs, what do you think it could do for your company?

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