Tax Day: How the Conversation Has Evolved

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Only two things are inevitable – death and taxes. As we surface from our most recent tax season here in the U.S., we here at Lexalytics were curious to see whether the conversation around taxes remained as consistent as the thing itself. So we analyzed the sentiment and themes of around 175k tweets from April 15, 2014 and another 175k from April 15 of this year. Here’s what we found:


Tax Day 2014

Last year’s tax talk was all about crime. The most significant negative tweets revolved around themes like “tax evasion”, “tax conviction”, and “tax fraud”. Tax season last year also seemed to drum up significantly more negative sentiment than 2015.


Tax Day 2015

This year there was barely any discussion of crime. Instead, there was significant negative sentiment around the theme “political gesture”. With UK politics mentioning lots about taxes, and 2016 elections just around the corner, it’s no surprise that taxpayers have politics on the brain.

Despite some very different talking points between 2014 and 2015, some things never change – the theme “last minute” netted about the same number of negative tweets both this year and last.

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