Sprinklr and Audience Profiling

  1 m, 24 s

There no longer is such a thing as an offline audience. And, with the death of organic reach, paid social advertising is now a large enterprise’s most effective way of reaching a customer base. So ensuring you have your finger on the pulse of your audience is key to avoiding advertising fumbles like attempting to leverage dated trends. Our friends over at Sprinklr help businesses do just this, and they published a fascinating article over on their blog this week.

“When you combine sophisticated audience profiling with paid social,” says Sprinklr, “you can deliver content perfectly tailored to each group’s needs, maximizing engagement and paid advertising ROI.” To illustrate this Sprinklr imagines a major insurance brand trying to stay up to date with the trends of its audience. Many of their consumers played golf and the brand leveraged that trend by sponsoring golf tournaments and having their name aligned with the sport. But, fickle as we all are, the brand is starting to see less and less interest in the sport. It’s clear that their efforts and capital could be better used elsewhere. Enter platforms like Sprinklr. They help brands like the insurance firm realize that Tiger and his scandal dampened interest in golf. Now, everybody is gearing up for the next cycling race.

Now the insurance firm can ride the wave of this new trend in real time instead of suffering a drop in engagement and wondering what went wrong. “For example, they can introduce cycling content and explore sponsoring cycling events.” It’s an amazing opportunity. Utilizing this sort of technology deepens a brand’s relationship with its customer while eliminating waste in the marketing budget.

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