The Cost of Not Prioritizing Customer Experience

  1 m, 17 s

Sprinklr Blog

Sprinklr blog manager Chloe Mason Gray created an interesting infographic detailing the perils of not prioritizing customer experience. 80% of businesses think they provide excellent customer service, but only 8% of customers feel as if they’re receiving it. As Gray says, “there’s a serious disconnect in the world of business today.” What is more, only 1% of customers feel as though vendors consistently meet their expectations. The question now is where these customers go to vent their dissatisfaction, and the answer is increasingly social media. However, 21% of brands never even respond to this feedback. This has led to tarnished reputations, lost revenue and lost customers. All of this is easily avoidable, though. 86% of polled customers said they’re willing to pay more for better customer service. And customers with a positive social experience are three times as likely to recommend a brand.

We’re moving out of the era of being put on hold and filling out surveys in the mail. Customer experience needs to be rooted in instantaneous action and modern platforms. Using tools like those offered by Sprinklr, a company that helps large enterprises manage consumer experiences in social media, is the answer to this quandary. By not using the CX tools and information readily available to them, brands are going to see their customer base eventually crumble. Treating this early and aggressively is the only way to preserve brand image and loyalty. You should head over to Sprinklr’s blog and check out Chloe’s whole infographic, it’s packed with valuable and engaging information.

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