Social Listening Will Be Crucial for Marketing to Millennials

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social listening millennialsWe love Sprinklr’s new blog post “Marketing to Millennials: 6 Studies & Reports You Need to Read”. The studies that Sprinklr has pulled together contain a wealth of raw data on the habits and desires of the most digitally connected generation to date.

For instance, millennials:

  • spend 67 hours a week using media
  • touch their smartphones 43 times per day
  • make $170 billion in purchases a year
  • have a spending power set to surpass $1 trillion by 2020
  • are more diverse than any other surveyed generation
  • and are more ambitious than any other surveyed generation

So it’s no wonder marketers are eager to reach millennials in totally new ways.

There were a couple pieces of information in these reports that caught our eye in particular:

Many millennials use several different devices throughout the day, and they expect a consistent and speedy experience across all their devices. They demand more, and they have less patience . This extends to customer service, with 60% of millennials saying they expected the same experience across all customer touch-points, from in-store to online.

Listening for the voice of customer on social media is going to continue to be important in order to market most effectively to millennials, who spend an ever increasing amount of time on social media platforms and expect speedy responses across all platforms when they have customer service issues.

Millennials are also more accepting of data collection. They are seven times as likely to give information to a trusted brand, but 46% share their data if it means more relevant offers. At the same time, millennials overwhelmingly prefer targeted and hyper-targeted content.

Ultimately, marketing to millennials is going to rely on collaborating with data and analytics partners to keep up with the conversation and provide the quick and targeted experiences that this generation is demanding.

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