We’ll Be at the Smart Data Conference!

  1 m, 23 s

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Mining data from unstructured text is a challenge in itself, displaying this data in an effective way is even more difficult. At this year’s Smart Data Conference I’ll be giving a presentation called Visualizing Text Analysis that explores results from text mining.  


Word clouds are everywhere, and they are one of the least effective ways to convey text analysis. I will show you a number of methods that are better than words clouds, but if you insist on using word clouds, I will give you some best practices to make them as useful as possible.  If there is anything that you get from my talk, it will be that!


I’ll be presenting on Tuesday, August 18th after the 3:00 break. Even if you’re unfamiliar with text analysis and are coming explicitly to see, say, a talk on cognitive computing, you’re still welcome to stop by and learn a thing or two about text analysis. It’s an accessible introductory talk that you can follow along with no problem.

Where, How, etc.

Visualizing text analysis is key to getting the most out of unstructured text data.  I will touch on a number of different software packages, both open source and commercial; and I will show examples from a number of the leading social listening and analytics systems out there.  So, do yourself a favor and register for the Smart Data Conference today. Besides, San Jose is beautiful in August, so you can work on your tan and visit the Baylands. And, to sweeten the deal, enter code LEXALYTICS when you register for a cool 20% off. See you at the San Jose Convention Center!

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