Sentiment Analysis with Semantria Goes Serverless

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As apps become more robust, and reliance on automation and AI continues to grow, sentiment analysis has become a staple of communication, collaborative, and interactive applications. In other words, how can we automatically detect how the user is feeling, and automatically trigger actions based on that emotion?

Lexalytics is excited to announce that that the power of Semantria is now available as a PubNub block, accessible via the PubNub Data Stream Network.

What is PubNub BLOCKS?

PubNub BLOCKS is the future of “Fog Computing”, a serverless network that is eminently useable in ways that a few years ago were just dreams. Online apps have to process staggering amounts of data, from social media, to geolocation, to a deployment of thousands of IoT devices. PubNub BLOCKS allows developers to code an app’s logic directly on the network, enabling you to execute functions on your data in-motion.

The PubNub Data Stream Network is impressive on its own, but with the launch of PubNub BLOCKS, it brings its capabilities to some of the best names in tech, including Cisco, Ericsson, and everyone’s favorite Text Analytics provider, Lexalytics.

PubNub + Semantria

Lexalytics is one of many third-party vendors available via PubNub BLOCKS. Semantria enables developers to analyze, categorize, and extract text for sentiment and emotion, all while that text is in-transit, in realtime.

For example, you can take user submissions in a forum and categorize them based on topic or content subject, crunch survey results for keywords and emotion, or analyze a social media stream for user sentiment.

Getting Started with BLOCKS

Given the way that apps and devices using PubNub BLOCKS can instantly communicate with each other, Semantria will be a seamless part of whatever system you choose to build. The functionality that PubNub BLOCKS provides are infinitely customizable.


First, select from a number of pre-built blocks in order to build the system you need. The BLOCKS catalog offers a massive variety of options. PubNub also allows you to build and code your own original blocks. The possibilities are endless.

We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of PubNub BLOCKS. It’s amazing tech and it allows us to partner with more businesses in more industries than ever before.

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