Salience Five Now Shipping!

  1 m, 18 s
Yes, yes, we've been very quiet.  That's because we've been working on really cool stuff, and now it's released to the marketplace. Salience Five is our most important release since our last release!  :) Seriously, though, we've introduced some groundbreaking new features to help you understand what's being said in all that text. First and foremost, we are the very first text analytics company to truly harness the power of Wikipedia™ in our algorithms.  We've created the world's first Concept Matrix, a distillation of 640,000 Wikipedia™articles into 1.1 Million concepts that we can understand, compare, and extract, using the 56 Million links we've discovered between them in Wikipedia. So what?  Concept Topics.  That's what.  Say goodbye to tedious and expensive taxonomy management when all you want to do is categorize all Tweets mentioning any kind of food, or tag any article about "crime", or classify any article about "natural disasters".  Concept Topics are going to change how you categorize content. So what else? Document Collection Processing.  We're moving beyond things like clustering to provide meaningful analysis that leverages the semantic and conceptual similarities inherent in a collection of related documents. Which brings us to:  Salience Facets and Concept-based Facet Rollups.  Salience Facets are new to Salience Five.  These are not "search facets", even though they could be used as search facets - they are more than clustering-based search facets.   Salience Facets represent a completely new way of extracting meaning from text. Whew.  That's a lot of new stuff.  We'll be giving interesting examples of how this can be used over the coming weeks.
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