Salience for Android Free for Developers

  1 m, 8 s

New product alert! This one’s for the developers. We’re very excited to announce the launch of Salience for Android, the first native text analytics package for a mobile operating system.

With Salience for Android, application developers can add natural language processing (NLP) and analytics to any app that uses text — email, SMS and chat, reviews, comparison shopping, social media, travel, hospitality, and whatever else you can slap text onto.

This means developers can build apps with all kinds of Star Wars-like functionality such as:

  • immediately alerting a user about a negative email or post that they need to act on
  • providing a list of any to-do’s throughout the day
  • summarizing the latest sports information
  • removing any content the user might want stricken from their social feed
  • warning users when they’re about to send out a message they may regret later
  • and anything else creative developers can come up with using text analytics

Additionally, given all the recent security announcements that have been happening (FBI vs Apple, and Whatsapp encrypting all its users’ chats, among other news), we’ve ensured that all processing stays local on the phone, and the user’s data is 100% private: nothing goes to the cloud.

Lexalytics Salience for Android is available as a Java SDK for Android, and any application with revenue of less than US $5,000.00 per month can implement the SDK totally free.

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