Salience 6.1 is Here!

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salience 6.1

Earlier today we unveiled a powerful update to our text analytics platform—Salience 6.1. It promises to be an exciting advance in the sentiment analysis space, with enhanced features and increased functionality. Further, we’ve developed SWIZ our own wizard and graphical user interface (GUI)!

1. What is Salience?

Salience is Lexalytics’ on-premise text analytics engine that processes over three billion documents per day and helps professionals in social media marketing (SMM), customer experience management (CEM), reputation management and voice of the customer (VOC) transform their customers’ thoughts and conversations into valuable insights.

2. The Syntax Matrix

It sounds like the title to a sci-fi movie but it’s even cooler. Our newly improved proprietary syntax matrix is the technology that powers Lexalytics’ intention analysis, which helps predict a consumer’s behavior based on the statements they make online. It automatically parses this text to understand how the phrases within a sentence relate to each other and enables the software to comprehend complex sentences quickly and accurately. As an example of this let’s take the sentences “It was a bad day until my brother Jim arrived,” and “It was a bad day because my brother Jim arrived.” Our narrators’ statements clearly have very different meanings and sentiments. Salience’s natural language processing (NLP) capabilities can accurately distinguish such differences.We published a blog post all about intention analysis here.

3. ¿Qué?

We now cover 16 languages spoken by 4.5 billion people worldwide. With this much variety comes a whole bunch of nuance. Salience 6.1 features the ability to configure the engine with or without accents, making it easier for users analyzing documents in accented languages like Portuguese and Spanish. So get yourself a few slices of Manchego, pair it with a glass of port and start analyzing! You can learn more about our language packs here and here.

4. Not, And, Or

Customers can now also use Boolean search logic for contextualizing sentiment statements. This allows for simple disambiguation of words like “sick” that have different meanings depending on whether you’re talking about video games or talking about hospitals. You can learn more about this fascinating technology here.

Salience 6.1’s quicker, more accurate processing, easier configuration of query topics in accented languages and its ability to contextualize sentiment statements using Boolean search logic make it stress-free, effective and fun to use. However, this only touches on the awesomeness that is Salience 6.1. Feel free to begin experimenting with it today!