Rob Ford, Twitter, and Lexalytics’ Web Demo

  1 m, 28 s

Whenever I want news about something, rather than run a google search, I run a Twitter search. Maybe it’s because I like mixing in random blog posts and opinion pieces with my news, or maybe I really enjoy the large amounts of profanity on Twitter (#urmothersanastronaut).

Whatever the reason may be, Twitter is a great source of news and entertainment for me.

Now, being Canadian, I’ve been both shocked and amused by the antics of Toronto’s mayor, Rob Ford. Today, a few weeks after his last scandal, I decided to run a quick #RobFord search on Twitter to see what if I missed anything new.

I ended up taking 100 tweets right off the search, dumped them into our Lexalytics web demo, made some popcorn and enjoyed the fun.

Here’s what I found:

  • “Daniel Dale” appeared 11 times. He was associated with the themes “false claim” and “defamatory statements” 8 and 10 times respectively. Hmm, must be important. Ran a search on him and discovered he was suing Rob Ford for libel. Jackpot
  • “Women”appeared as a facet a total of 24 times. Followed up to find out that Ford made a recent comment about what women want for Christmas: “money”.
  • “rob ford dance party” appeared as a theme 6 times. That can’t be coincidence, so I hit the link on one of the comments to watch a video of Rob Ford dancing to Bob Marley. Not that funny, but plenty weird.
  • weirdly enough, “Jimmy Kimmel” was an entity once. Turns out he said “Canadians are much, much weirder than any of us had any idea they were.” with a nice #robford in the tweet. Jimmy’s not wrong 😀

So there you have it: one hashtag, 2 minutes on Twitter, and 5 minutes of fun with our web demo. Man I love my job.

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