Reality vs. Marketing Fluff

  1 m, 19 s

There is no question that Text Analytics has come a long way in the last 3 or 4 years, and that the solutions available in the marketplace are solving real world problems. Unfortunately, our market is still dominated by too much flashy marketing and not enough down in the dirt numbers for “apples to apples” comparisons. Given that spring is coming and with it the annual Text Analytics show that draws all of the major vendors, I see an interesting opportunity for somebody like a Seth Grimes to orchestrate a test scenario for all of us vendors that would give everybody out there a real apples to apples comparison of the different technologies out there. I have no illusions that such a comparison test will happen, because of the inherant risk in not controlling the communication with prospects, but I can dream. Allowing my illusion to run a bit further… Seth Grimes strikes me as the ideal person to orchestrate such a bake-off because he isn’t closely affiliated with any of the vendors and has a strong desire to stay vendor neutral. Such a test would have to be of Text Analytics features like entity extraction, classification and possibly sentiment. All of these are features that can be judged by humans to create an authoritative set of results to measure against. Let me close this little dream with an open call to Attensity and Clarabridge (the two most well known players in this space, with technology I respect). What do you say guys, don’t the users deserve real numbers on how our technologies stack up?

Categories: Technology, Text Analytics