Raising the Text Analytics bar

  1 m, 27 s

Now that the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted with our merger, we are moving full force ahead as the new Lexalytics entity. The most recent news coming out of our shop is the release of Salience 4.0. This software release is the first to combine Infonic and Lexalytics’ expertise into one release. Why is this important to anyone other than us? First off, sentiment relies on analysis between words and combinations of words. How those are processed can return a negative or positive response. We were able to capitalize on the intensifier technology from Infonic in this new release to help with phrases like “perfectly awful”. With our technologies now working together, we will work on continuously improving our confidence of an entity having positive or negative sentiment attached to it. You will see those results coming down the road in future releases. Speaking of future releases, great minds think alike. We’ve noticed a lot of similarities in how our software works and that makes it even easier to continue down the path of improving our solutions by eliminating the tedious work of trying to get platforms and code to play nicely together. Lastly, we’re committed to raising the bar on what can be done with text analytics…and this release is the driving force behind our ExecDex site, the free trial on our web site, and a number of other initiatives we have going on. In a troubled economy where businesses and brands are being scrutinized more than ever, I know we are raising the bar on the technology that is absolutely crucial for organizations that need to measure and react to market news and opinions and understand how it affects their business.

Categories: Social Media, Technology, Text Analytics