Power to the Knowledge Workers: Democratizing Text Analytics

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It’s safe to say we live in an age where information is more accessible than ever before. After all, Wikipedia is available to anyone with an internet connection. As a result, Information technology is becoming increasingly central to businesses, and so are knowledge workers. Knowledge workers are crucial – they excel at finding patterns, solving problems, and in short, turning knowledge into power. 

Analyzing unstructured content like text is part of most knowledge workers’ jobs already. If they want to draw conclusions about anything related to text they either have to read it themselves or use a tool. In the past, this has presented its share of problems. Often, those who wanted access to text analytics would either need to become experts in text analytics just to make the software work. With such a high overhead in time and money, the additional insight from unstructured content can hardly seem worth it, especially for individuals or small businesses. 

We get that. We also believe that the age of information is here to stay. Businesses that want to stay relevant are going to need the insights that unstructured content can provide. Currently, knowledge workers spend a full 25% of their time finding and analyzing information. And only half the time do they find what they’re looking for. Things are moving faster than ever, and no one can afford to waste that much time.

That’s why we’re out to make text analytics just as accessible as all that information. Our goal is to make our tools dead simple and full of magically delicious results. As much as we think text analytics is wicked cool, you shouldn’t have to be an expert – after all, that’s our job. We want you to be able to pick up our software, input your data, get results quickly and conveniently via Excel, and then move on. Text analytics doesn’t have to be the focus of your job to make the power of the technology available to you. 

Knowledge is power.

We say: Power to the people.

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