Pharma Just Got Smarter

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Every industry generates massive volumes of consumer data. But while some industries are already making great use of text analytics tools to drive growth and revenue, other industries have struggled to realize the potential. Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, for example, engage with vital consumer information on a daily basis, but have often struggled to draw actionable insights from this mass of data. There are good reasons for this: both healthcare and pharmaceuticals are full of unique and arcane terminologies that overwhelm lesser text analytics solutions.

It’s why we’re thrilled to announce the release of our Pharmaceutical Industry Pack, the latest in our series of industry-specific text analytics packages. The Pharma Pack has been painstakingly tailored to aid professionals working in market research, social media marketing, customer experience management (CEM), and voice of customer (VOC) within the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. “Our customers in the pharmaceutical industry have told us that they’re inundated with unstructured data from social conversations, news media, surveys and other text, and are looking for a way to make sense of it all and act on it,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics.

The Pharmaceutical Industry Pack contains more than 1,200 industry-specific entities, including medications, symptoms, conditions, and diseases. We even include anatomical references and can identify medication dosages within text. What’s more, the pack includes nearly 7,000 sentiment-scored phrases, such as “joint swelling” and “back pain”.

The new pack acts as a baseline configuration that promises precise, accurate results right out of the box. Even though we know you’ll be thrilled with what you see, we understand you may want to tweak your analytics solution further.  Whatever your need, both Salience and Semantria allow for full customization to match it and come with unlimited support and training.

All Lexalytics Industry Packs are available to both Salience and Semantria customers. Be sure to check out our Lexalytics Industry Packs webpage to learn more, then try a demo to see first-hand how Lexalytics text analytics solutions will help cure your text-induced ailments.

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