Partnership with Ikanow

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Ikanow is an open source, big data organization that has developed, from the ground up, an open source platform that allows you to ingest various data types; enrich and perform complex analytics on these data types; and easily gain information and insights from this data. 

Clients come to Ikanow when:

- Its difficult to put data into their analytical platforms
- Their tools break down with large volumes of data
- They are sick of expensive, proprietary applications
- When they are looking to join multiple data types and applications into one easy to use platform

And guess what? We've struck up a partnership with them! We're excited about it, and I'm pretty sure there's some kind of Pinky and the Brain world takeover plot we're going to come up with by combining our text analytics with their technology.

For now, watch their intro video below to see what they're all about, and check out Ikanow's big data and open source analytics solution.

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