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Just a couple of things

So of course the big news in the Social Media world yesterday was the announcement of Google’s new Open Social API and the fact that they have signed up nearly every major Social Networking site […]

Sentiment Analysis in Action

Hello, and thanks for checking out our blog. We’re planning on keeping the blog pretty current, and posting several times per week. We’ll be discussing the rapid evolution of Social Media and where we fit […]

Welcome to Blogalytics!

Welcome to Blogalytics! Here you will find commentary from members of the Lexalytics, Inc. team – including Jeff Catlin, CEO, Mike Marshall, CTO and James Rector, VP of Sales. We welcome your feedback and comments.

Cross Platform UI’s

One of the things that has become apparent to us over the past year or so is that there is a growing demand for our software to run on *nix boxes as well as the […]

Welcome and Introduction

So after much angst we’ve finally got the Lexalytics blog up and running. Of course now we need to find things to actually blog about, but everyone says I’ve got a big mouth so it […]

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