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Cloud Computing and Office Workflow

Earlier this week Microsoft announced the beta release of Office Live Workspaces which enables you to collaborate on documents via the Internet, something that companies like Zoho and Google Docs have of course been doing […]

Are influencers worth it

In what’s really a follow on to my post of the other day I was checking my feeds today and noticed that Guy Kawasaki (#20 on BurrelleLuces list of top English blogs – ironic or […]

Who influences the influencers

We’ve had a lot of discussion internally over the past few weeks about how you can determine a blogs influence and if its an important number to know. There are the current favourite methodologies involving […]

When is good good enough?

So following on from what I was writing about last week I’ve been doing some more work on a generic text from html extractor. However in showing the results to a few people a question […]

The Cluetrain Manifesto

One of the problems with being an engineering type is that when it comes to Marketing and PR you tend to be a bit clueless – this is certainly true in my case. So to […]

Clean Content

There is an old adage ‘put rubbish in and get rubbish out’ and that has never been truer than in the text analytics fields. The number one issue that our customers have is getting clean […]

WSJ for free

In a move that makes those of us in the “content monitoring” space grin – WSJ has agreed to make its online content free. I used to enjoy my free paper copy on the shuttle […]

Week in Review 11.9.07

Here are some of the blogposts we were following this week. We’re all excited about the continued buzz around social media and how it is changing every day. Enjoy!We agree with Jeremiah – Blogging is […]

Social Media and PR – engage

It seems to me that the core issues surrounding PR Firms and Social Media Monitoring are all about leadership. Moving forward and embracing change. Which firms are going to make a stand? Which are going […]

Just a couple of things

So of course the big news in the Social Media world yesterday was the announcement of Google’s new Open Social API and the fact that they have signed up nearly every major Social Networking site […]

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