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5 Industries Taking Advantage of Text Analytics

Text analytics, also known as text mining, has countless applications. Savvy businesses are taking advantage of this technology to resolve customer complaints, create better products, and even improve healthcare. Here are 5 cool and clever examples […]

Understanding Polarity

    The first step in getting computers to understand the sentiment of text is getting them to understand the sentiment behind individual words and phrases. Understanding sentiment happens on multiple levels: at the most basic, […]

Classification: Queries vs. Models

Classification is a few value proposition for text analytics – it allows users to quickly drill into articles of interest and look at trends over time. Setting up a classification scheme can be a lot […]

Salience and Homonyms

Language is confusing, imprecise, and often times illogical. The fact that “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” is a grammatically correct sentence in the English language is enough to make you tear your […]

The Avengers: Most Popular Superhero?

The Avengers occupy a big seat in the ever expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. So, which super hero is the fan favorite? We feed social media data to our text analytics engine in this fun entertainment industry application of our tech.

Salience 4.3: Opinion Mining

One of the two major new features in Salience 4.3 (releasing around June 30th) is “opinion mining”. Opinion mining expands our core technology to handle indirect quotes. We’ve been able to extract quote-mark delimited quotes […]

Stuck in Neutral

Recently I had one of those unfortunate circumstances where a customer of ours was unhappy with the results of the sentiment produced by Salience and contacted us to help tune the engine. The document set […]

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