Our Customers in the News – July 10th, 2014

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Bottlenose, Inc. recently debuted version 2.0 of their flagship Nerve CenterTM trend intelligence service. The latest version now features automatic trend detection and alerts, emotion and demographic analysis, and open APIs. Automating their trend and insight detection means humans can focus on turning that insight into action.


DataSift announced a partnership with United Nations Global Pulse. Now the UN can gain real-time insights into the wellbeing of people all over the world. The partnership aims to use social data analysis for global development and to aid humanitarian issues. I’m already wowed by this amazing interactive map on how different countries prioritize global development topics.

Service Management Group

I love seeing data used to effectively answer questions like, “Is Restaurant Age Just A Number?” For their monthly Hit or Myth, SMG examined the link between restaurant age and cleanliness and how that affects a guest’s “intent to recommend”. An important read for any restaurant owner wondering whether a remodel is really worth it.


Global research consultancy TNS has launched an express concept screening tool, eValuate express. The tool is designed to help businesses determine in as little as 24 hours whether a new product idea will drive top-line business growth. eValuate express improves on the original Concept eValuate by significantly reducing turnaround time, making it more valuable for companies who are often under pressure to make decisions as quickly as possible.


Vocus, Inc. announced its “2014 Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers on Social Media”. The list includes influencers from eight countries, representing influencers with a total of over 150,000 followers and a reach of approximately 6,822,023 people. Vocus’ scores are based on relevancy, timeliness, reach, engagement, and cone of influence. Marketers - not familiar with any of these names? You’ve got 50 new people to follow on Twitter.
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