Our Customers in the News – 10/4

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Another month, another busy period for our customers and partners!


Angoss Software Corporation has released version 9.3 of their KnowledgeSEEKER and KnowledgeSTUDIO products, featuring the introduction of an automated canvas for building, displaying, refreshing, and reusing analytical workflows. The intuitive graphical interface allows for easy setup creation of a workflow in KnowledgeSEEKER and KnowledgeSTUDIO, providing immediate visualization of analytical tasks. You can read their full press release here.


Two blogs on Bazaarvoice’s website have caught our eye this month: the first is all about moments of truth and the evolution of digital media. Brent Robinson argues that the media channels connecting the real and digital world are fragmenting, and brands are expected to be present in every new arena – creating all sorts of new challenges for you and your brand. The second explores the state of online reviews, citing a plethora of sources to argue the author’s vision of the future of reviews and their continued (and indeed, increasing) relevance to the modern consumer. Both of these blogs are definitely worth a read.


Bitly recently launched Audience Data, their newest Bitly Brand Tool. Audience Data adds a view of the audiences brands are building to the social engagement metrics Bitly already provides. The end result: a better understanding of the value of your social efforts. Bitly’s press release is here.


News broke from Bottlenose only last week that they have updated their sentiment view functionality, including refined sentiment scoring, advanced drill downs, and fresh visualizations.  You can read all about the changes here – the Bottlenose folks are pretty thrilled with their advancements, and we can certainly see why; they’ve made a great thing even better than before.

Service Management Group

Last, but certainly not least, SMG’s latest edition of their Hit and Miss periodical investigates the family tradition of “kids’ pick night” – and whether or not having a kid’s program at your restaurant increases the likelihood of kids picking you for dinner. I won’t spoil the results, but suffice it to say that SurveyMini® -- that is, SMG’s location-based consumer research app – provides some very interesting data. Read more here.
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